What is ERCP ERCP is an abbreviation for endoscopic retrograde cholangiopancreatography. It is a procedure, which is used to identify and treat problems in the bile duct or pancreas. ERCP uses a flexible tube (slightly thinner than the middle finger) called endoscope.
The endoscope is inserted into the digestive tract through the mouth, allowing the doctor to see the bile duct. A catheter is passed through the endoscope to remove any obstructions (such as narrowing of the bile duct or gallstones) in the bile duct.
Treatment During ERCP ERCP is used in the treatment of gallstones or blockage of the bile ducts. Gallstones which block the gall bladder or pancreas can be removed by using a basket shaped grasper or a small balloon on the end of a catheter, which is passed into the bile duct through the endoscope. Narrowing or blockage of the bile duct can be stretched using a balloon or stent (a small plastic or metal tube).

Medical Help of ERCP Report to the doctor if any of the below occur within 72 hours of ERCP-

  • Severe pain in the abdomen or chest
  • Breathing difficulties
  • Difficulties in swallowing
  • fever
  • Vomiting blood
  • Passing very black stools

Diabetes in ERCP First, inform the doctor and his team about your diabetes prior to the surgery. Check the blood glucose level on the day of the procedure. The blood glucose levels should be well maintained before the procedure.
Do not take the oral ant diabetic medicine before the procedure, but carry them to the medical center. You can take these medicines after the procedure. However, if you are on insulin, it is required that you administer the injection, but the dose may need to be adjusted as per your doctor’s recommendation.

Diet Rrecomendation for Gallstones

Ease of Endoscopy in ERCP

Ease of Endoscopy in ERCP

How to prepare for an ERCP

Complications of ERCP

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